Cereal Bar Treats

Prices listed below are for:

  • Non-Custom Design

  • Minimum 6 Per Flavor Selected 

  • Optional Topping

  • Sugar, Dairy & Gluten Included

*Same Day Delivery Unavailable*

Cereal Treat Bars $30/6 
*Minimum per flavor selection*

Cocoa Peebles

Fruity Peebles

Rice Krispy (Cocoa)

Rice Krispy (Peanut Butter)

Rice Krispy (Vanilla)


Optional Toppings: 


Captain Crunch


Chocolate Dipped 

Cocoa Puffs

Confetti Sprinkles

Cookie Crisp

Fruit Loops

Lucky Charms



Reese Puffs




Sweetest Taboo Bakery Food-Delivery

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