Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Do you make Wedding Cakes or Birthday Cakes?
Answer: We make desserts for ALL occasions. The BEST way to know, if we are the company for YOU, EMAIL: Dessert Photo Example(s), Servings & Date Needed. We can tell you if we can duplicate the design, how much and availability!
2. Question: Can I pick-up?
Answer: No, we are a dessert FOOD-DELIVERY business.  
  • If the DELIVERY FEE is your concern:
Sometimes we run "CHECK-IN" promotions on YELP! to save $10 OFF your delivery fee, if you CHECK-IN prior to placing your order and mention it!
  • If TIME is your concern:
You may PRE-ORDER as far in advance, when you have your delivery information and ready to pay! We offer SAME-DAY-DELIVERY, on select categories. It's BEST to call, for same day. There's a MINIMUM 3-4 hours window, we are MADE-TO-ORDER after all! 
3. Question: Can I order one Cupcake or one flavor of each?
Answer: We are a MADE-TO-ORDER business. Therefore, we do not keep ready-made desserts on hand for individual pickings. Minimums apply, based on dessert category. You are welcome to request HALF & HALF flavors, for an additional fee!
4. Question: What if I don't see the flavor or category I want? 
Answer: CONTACT US for a QUOTE! One of the MAJOR perks about choosing us, you're NOT limited to our menus! 
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